The CC continues to educate procurement organizers and applicants in 2018
In order to provide knowledge necessary for efficient operation of the state and municipalities, and for fair growth of entrepreneurship and safe operation on the market, the Competition Council collectively with the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and the Procurement Monitoring Bureau will continue education of public procurement organizers and applicants about the types of infringements and imposed responsibility also in 2018. Lasīt vairāk
The Competition Council in 2018 will strengthen the Authority, Competition law and Competition culture
The Competition Council (CC) has developed work priorities of the authority for 2018. The most important priorities will include promoting understanding of market participants and public persons about free and fair competition, establishment and prevention of the most severe infringements of competition, as well as strengthening of the capacity of the CC by attracting professional employees. Lasīt vairāk
The CC: milk production in Latvia has low efficiency
In order to discuss the situation on the market due to the rapid decrease of procurement prices of raw milk, the Competition Council (CC) met with the representatives of the dairy industry - cooperatives, processors and retailers - on 22 January. Although participants of the meeting showed different opinion about the current situation in the dairy market, it is to be established that the procurement prices of raw milk are affected by a set of many factors of the local and global market. Besides, adverse changes in demand and prices have a trend to become even more frequent.  Lasīt vairāk
Organizers of public procurements can spot bid-rigging features faster than others
The Competition Council draws attention to the possibilities of procurement organizers to be the first to spot suspicious coincidences in tenders of applicants, which may indicate to possible prohibited agreements of companies. In such cases it is significant for procurement organizers not to be indifferent and report about such suspicious coincidences to the Competition Council. Lasīt vairāk
The CC achieves change of competition restricting conditions of sublease agreements at RIX
After negotiation procedure with the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC), AS “Riga Airport Commercial Development”, which manages sales areas of Riga International Airport and on the basis of mutually concluded agreements leases these areas to other retailers, has changed competition restricting conditions of these agreements with sublessees. Lasīt vairāk
The Constitutional Court recognizes the exclusive rights of the CC to decide on the amount of a fine
The judgement adopted by the Constitutional Court on 22 December recognizes the current degree of administrative court review regarding fines imposed by the Competition Council of Latvia as compatible to the Satversme (the Constitution) and rights to fair trial. It means that also in the future when reviewing a fining decision by the Competition Council the court will not be able to change the amount of the fine by setting the fine itself or increasing it. Lasīt vairāk
World competition experts meet at the Global Forum on Competition
The Global Forum on Competition takes places from 7th December to 8th December 2017 at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Conference Centre in Paris, France. The forum is organised by the OECD and offers a platform for the world competition practitioners and academics to meet and discuss a wide variety of competition-related topics. The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) is represented by the chairwoman Skaidrīte Ābrama. Lasīt vairāk
Young people discuss the competition significance on the World Competition Day
On 5th December, the World Competition Day, the awarding ceremony at the Competition Council is attended by authors of essays, who participated in the essay contest for secondary school pupils and students “Progress starts where there is competition”, organised by the authority. Lasīt vairāk
Competition Authority celebrates 25th Anniversary of Promotion of Fair Competition in Latvia
On 16 November, during the anniversary conference on promotion of fair competition “Towards fair competition: past, present, tomorrow” former and the current chairpersons of the competition authority, representatives of the state and local governments as well as entrepreneurs discussed the achievements of application of the competition law over passed during 25 years and future challenges of the entrepreneurship. Lasīt vairāk
The CC applies binding conditions on acquisition of MTG Broadcasting AB
On 6 October, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) adopted a decision to approve UAB Bite Lietuva acquiring of companies of MTG Broadcasting AB Group in Latvia. The CC has applied several binding conditions on the merger to prevent possible harm to competition on the television programme wholesale market and advertisement placement market on television. Lasīt vairāk
The CC imposes a fine to construction materials producers and retailers for a long-term price fixing
On 31 August, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) adopted a decision regarding prohibited agreements between construction materials retailers and imposed a fine in the amount of 5.8 million euro to SIA DEPO DIY, AS Kesko Senukai Latvia, and SIA Tirdzniecības nams Kurši. Before this decision administrative agreements were concluded with SIA Knauf and SIA Norgips as well as SIA Krūza, which provided for termination of the legal dispute and payment of a fine in the total amount of 1.6 million euro. Lasīt vairāk
Injured parties finally have a facilitated possibility to claim for compensation for damages
On 5 October, during the final reading the Saeima adopted the amendments to the Competition Law regarding compensation of damages. Amendments provide that further on consumers, companies and other involved parties will have a simplified and more efficient possibility to claim damages from infringers of competition law. Lasīt vairāk
The CC achieves change of provisions for placement of advertisements at public transportation stops
The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) has imposed to the companies SIA Rīgas satiksme (RS), SIA Pilsētas līnijas (PL) and SIA JCDecaux Latvija (JCD) the legal obligation to change certain provisions of mutual agreements regarding placement of advertisements on public transportation stops of RS. The CC established that current provisions restricted access for competitors of JSC to get involved on the advertisement market of stops for a long period of time. Lasīt vairāk
At the same time with the increase of the market share of key pharmacy chains consumer choice decreases
The Competition Council of Latvia (CC) after sector inquiry into the regional retail market of medicinal products observes that during previous five years the key pharmacy chains have increased the number of pharmacies owned by them at the expense of individual or smaller pharmacy chains. Therefore, without change in the total number of pharmacies in Latvia, the market concentration has increased and the consumer choice has become more limited. Lasīt vairāk
The fifth Lawyers Forum takes place at the Competition Council
On 15 September, the Competition Council of Latvia organised the fifth Lawyers Forum, where experts of the authority met with lawyers and advocates in order to discuss the current events of the competition law. Upon increase of the importance of the economic analysis in competition cases, the annual discussion of professionals this time was broadened also with the topic of economics. Lasīt vairāk